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While we try to include custom artwork in the price of the shirt based on our estimate, we do not do custom artwork for “free”. We operate on a good faith policy for artwork and a mutual understanding that if you are requesting a custom design, it is with the assumption that you will be working with us.

Custom Art Fee’s: Each order includes 30 minutes of art time to prep the file for printing at no charge. The first revision is free in the event the customer makes a change. Any revision requests after the first free revision may incur a $25 fee per proof or $30 per hour and can result in a change to the ship date. Please be as clear as possible with all your instructions to avoid confusion and excessive back and forth. Our artists put countless hours into detailed and intricate designs as a service to make your brand shine. If in the event we see custom artwork created by our team reused at another competitive vendor, we will no longer be able to provide you services in the future.


If you have your design already completed, we may be able to use it just as it is!

If your file is a vector file (.PDF, .EPS, or .AI), it is most likely print ready and will not incur any extra charges.

If your file is raster file (any other file type than listed above), we will have to use our vectoring service which ranges from $10-$200/design depending on complexity.



Approvals: We send proofs to ensure accuracy of art as supplied by the customer. It is up to the customer to review these proofs with great attention to detail to guarantee they are correct before approving. Arcane Apparel is not responsible for errors in approved designs.

Delays: Due to the nature of our business, it is extremely important to approval or reject proofs immediately. Any delay over 24hrs in a proof will push back your order. All proofs must be approved, including re-orders.


For more information about our services, please visit contact page.