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Terms and


By using Arcane Apparel LLC’s services, you understand and agree that you are responsible for making payments for the following: 

  • At the request of sampling a piece of apparel, you agree to make the payment in order to obtain the sample. Once the sample is paid for, you are not required to return the sample to Arcane Apparel LLC. Samples cannot be returned for a refund. 
  • At the request of an order, you agree to make the 50% deposit payment after you have approved your quote. All changes for the quote made by the customer must be made before the quote is approved. Arcane Apparel LLC will not order any material until the 50% deposit has been paid. 
  • At the request of Arcane Apparel LLC making a design/logo, you agree to pay the artwork fee that corresponds to your order before any artwork is made. 
  • When picking up an order, you agree to pay the remaining balance of the order total. You can pay the remaining balance at any point before you pick up your order.
  • At the request of shipping the order to you, you agree to pay the shipping amount on the invoice. Without this payment, we will not send the shipment. 
  • At the request of a rush order, you agree to pay the rush fee that is added on to the invoice along with the 50% deposit payment. 

By using Arcane Apparel LLC’s services, you understand and agree that: 

  • We will not continue with the order unless the 50% deposit is paid, unless prior agreements have been made by both Arcane Apparel LLC and you.
  • Arcane Apparel LLC works off of the mock up that is approved by the you; all changes for the print/design must be made prior to the you approving the artwork for your order. Arcane Apparel LLC is not responsible for any mistakes/typos once the artwork has been approved by you. We will not start production until the artwork is approved.
  • If there are any errors with the print/design, it is your responsibility to bring it to our attention. If the print/design(s) are within spec to the mock up, we are not responsible for replacing or discounting those items. 
  • If you have specific PMS colors that need to be used for the print/design, you are responsible for making us aware prior to approving the artwork. PMS matching fees may be added to the invoice. If not, we use in stock colors closest to the mock up. 
  • We are not responsible for the apparel after being cleaned, washed, and/or dried. We are not responsible for piece(s) of apparel that are out of spec from manufacturers sizing. We will not offer replacements, refunds, or credits for those items. 
  • We are not liable for any damage or mis-prints for apparel that is customer provided. We are not responsible for the time it takes apparel to arrive at our location. We are not responsible for apparel being out of stock and/or unavailable to order. We can provide comparable options if needed. 
  • Before your order is shipped to the you, you must provide a shipping address for us to use. We are not responsible for the time it takes for the shipment to arrive to you. We are not responsible for any shipments after they leave our warehouse. If you have a specific due date for an order, you must bring that to our attention before approving the quote. Depending on how quick the turn around time is to the due date, a rush fee may be required on the invoice. 
  • Arcane Apparel LLC’s turn around time starts after the deposit is paid and both the quote and artwork have been approved. 
  • By placing an order with Arcane Apparel LLC, you are verifying that the artwork is your original work or that you have obtained any and all required licenses or permissions to use that work. You further agree that your use of the work will not infringe upon any trademark, copyright, or other right of any third-party.


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